Mimio Home Reading ProgramsDesigned By Headsprout

Boost your child’s reading skills with our adaptive reading software

Now you can help your child build reading skills with research-based programs that are fun to use and proven to be effective. MimioSprout™ Home reading software for beginning readers and MimioReading™ Home software for reading comprehension have been thoroughly researched and tested in real classroom applications.

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MimioSprout Home Reading Software

MimioSprout will help your K-1 child read at or above grade level by the end of the year.

MimioSprout Home reading software ensures reading success for every child. We guarantee that the program will take a non-reader or beginning reader up to first-grade reading skills in less than 30 hours of individualized online instruction. It can also be used as an intervention program for children in grade 2 and above who are reading below grade level.

MimioSprout Home reading software offers:

  • Phonics-based online reading instruction, backed by extensive research
  • Individualized adaptive instruction for each child
  • Instruction that’s completely web-based, so your child can get started right away

MimioSprout Home reading software is the same proven-effective software used in school districts across the country.

Try out the free lesson, Mousing Around,” to gauge your child’s readiness to use MimioSprout Home reading software.

Program includes the following:
  • 80 online lessons and 80 printable stories
  • 12 MimioSprout Readers
  • Stickers and progress chart
  • Detailed progress reports e-mailed after completion of each episode
  • Completion certificate

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MimioReading Home Software

MimioReading has been shown to improve reading test scores in school districts nationwide.

Understanding what you read is the cornerstone to success in all school subjects. MimioReading Home software is a research-based reading comprehension program for children in grades 3-5 who have already mastered the basics of reading. The program effectively provides the strategies these children need to understand and answer questions about what they read.

Here’s how MimioReading works:

  • Fifty 30-minute online lessons teach the strategies to master the four main components of comprehension:
  • Finding facts
  • Making inferences
  • Identifying themes and the “main idea”
  • Learning vocabulary in context
  • Our proprietary vocabulary acquisition system makes learning new vocabulary fast and easy.
  • Over time, the program progresses to include more complex sentences and longer, more complex passages, more answer choices, and more variation in questions.
  • Passages and vocabulary teach a variety of subjects and reading devices, including tables of contents, headings, maps, charts, and measurement (scales, rulers, and graphs).
  • Your child gets individualized, adaptive instruction, not just practice answering questions.
  • Automated progress reports show you what your child is learning.

Program includes the following:
  • Comprehension companion books
  • Progress map
  • Stickers and a poster describing the four question types
  • Detailed progress reports e-mailed after completion of each episode
  • Completion certificate

MimioReading is now available for the iPad!

If you are already a MimioReading owner you can download the free app to run MimioReading from your iPad! Download from the iTunes store today!

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